We are looking for creative people with exciting ideas, passion and entrepreneurial spirit. We have a proven project team with many years of experience in a wide variety of positions and companies in the telecommunications sector. Our extensive external network guarantees additional project-specific resources that companies do not have access to themselves. We accompany your idea at every phase of its existence from its initial conceptualization to an established company. Thus, we reinforce our commitment to sustainable, long-term investment.

We encourage and expect fair, partner-like relationships and strive for the highest level of efficiency and professionalism. We are convinced that having fun in what you are doing is a key factor for success.

Excite us with your convincing concept. We will invite you to a non-binding meeting after looking through the documents you provide and depending on our interest in the subject during which we can take a closer look at your business ideas. The goal is to identify any open points in the concept and to support you in producing a convincing business plan. We will then make a final decision whether to work further on this idea, based on the documentation provided.